Social Impact

Invisible Creations isn’t just about providing products;

it was born out of a desire to do more... to improve lives, to prolong independence, to design for dignity and to combat the stigma associated with ageing. At its core, Invisible Innovations is about people, collaboration and creativity.

Social Impact

Our vision sets social value and social purpose at the heart of what we are trying to achieve. Invisible Innovations recognise the significant social impact providing universally designed, attractive, dual-purpose home adaptations can make on both individuals and communities.

For those that feel adaptations signal vulnerability and incapacity, reminding them of mobility lost, Invisible Creations aims to promote and encourage the view that adaptations signify increased movement and freedom.

For individuals who feel that they lack control and choice over their home as they age, Invisible Creations aim to restore some control over home adaptations and in doing so generating a social value of £16,427 per individual, in accordance with the HACT Social Value Bank.*

Evidence shows that delays in installing adaptations can reduce their effectiveness.* Invisible Creations key driving force is prevention. By designing better and more discreet adaptations, that remove the stigma, Invisible Innovations will be installed into homes sooner, helping people live healthier and happier for longer.

For the wider community Invisible Creations want to reduce the impact of poor housing on the NHS. Research shows that relatively low cost home modifications can lead to a 26% reduction in falls that need medical treatment and savings of £500m each year to the NHS and social care services in the UK.*

For housing associations we aim to prevent the need to remove home modifications when new tenants move in. We want to provide lifetime, future-proofed products that support tenants to live in their homes better and for longer.